Baby and Toddler Care Guide: Choosing a Nursery or Daycare

 Baby and Toddler Care Guide: Choosing a Nursery or Daycare

Premium Knit Swaddling Blankets are great for swaddling babies as they provide comfort and mimic the feelings of the baby being in the womb. The premium knit swaddling blanket is just one of the baby items that parents need to get in order to take care of a baby. Once the baby starts to get older and the parents need to get back to work there starts to arise the need to get services like a full-time nanny or dropping the child in daycare. Picking a daycare or nursery for a kid is one very important step because its the first time the baby will be without their parents or guardians and it can cause some anxiety for both parties. When looking for a daycare facility there are some important things that parents should look out for. Let’s discuss those things below-->

Pay 360 Attention

Baby and Toddler Care Guide: Choosing a Nursery or Daycare

When a parent or guardian is visiting a potential nursery or daycare facility they should pay attention to how the teachers interact with the kids. In an ideal situation, at least one caregiver should be on the ground interacting with the kids at their hiet level or holding one of the kids n his or her hands. Babies even before they start to walk or talk need constant human interaction with adults and it is important that adults are warm and caring to the babies and give each child a good amount of one on one time.

Staffing Ratio

There should be an acceptable ration of caregiver and teacher staff to kids. Different facilities have different staff to child ratios and parents should pay attention to this and ask more questions if the staffing ration is unclear. The American Academy of Pediatrics specifically recommends a ratio of one adult for every three babies up to 24 months of age

Ask For Commitment and Guarantees

This is especially important if you are hiring someone to come care for your baby at home. Having them commit to coming at certain times and days makes it easier for you to plan your schedule also ask for a one-year commitment so you know they will be around for that year at least. It also helps the baby form a proper bond with the caregiver as there will be consisitency. If you're considering a center, find out how long the current caregivers have been working there and how much turnover the center usually experiences. You don’t want a center with high staff turnovers as this means a new person might be looking after your kid each week.

What are their Policies?

Baby and Toddler Care Guide: Choosing a Nursery or Daycare

The last things a parent should do is leave their child in a care facility or daycare that has policies that do not match witht hat of the parent or do not match with the acceptable and legal standards. For example, what are their policies for when a child gets sick? how much TV do the kids get to watch? how long is nap time? What happens when there is an emergency or what happens if a caregiver is absent. Knowing all these things will help the parent know if the facility is a good match and if their policies and values match those you have at home. Parents should find out about this before the start of the school year. The more information parents have early on and the more questions they have answered the less likely there are to be unpleasant surprises at the start of the new year.

Make an Unexpected Visit

Most daycare facilities have visiting days and visiting hours for potential attendees and parents to come and inspect the facility, do a tour, and have all their questions answered. This is great and parents should attend these. However, in addition to this parents should make an effort to drop by the school or daycare center unannounced and see how things are being run. Facilities will always out in extra effort to look great during visiting days and have everything set in the right place and have their staff in their best behavior. When you drop by unannounced you get to see how things really are on a day a day to day basis. For a good facility, there should not be much of a difference and they would even be happy to see you. For facilities that have less than desirable situations, a surprise visit might tell you everything you need to know. If you have the time and resources you can make more than one surprise visit and visit at different times of the day and different days of the week like on Friday afternoon and midweek in the morning. In addition, you should also pop by unannounced after your kid has started attending the facility to see how things are going and to see if things are going great.

Communicate Properly

For young toddlers, they can’t talk yet so you have to rely on what their caregiver tells you about their day. When you drop off your child communicate properly with their caregiver and tell them about how your child slept, what they ate, what snack they prefer etc. Also at the end of the day, you should expect similar information from the caregiver. They should tell you things like how many diaper changes your baby had, how well he or she ate and slept. Any new developments and just the general demeanor of the child.

Trust Your Gut

Baby and Toddler Care Guide: Choosing a Nursery or Daycare

At the end of that day, after you have gone through all your checks and balances as a parent, you still have to trust your gut. That parental instinct that tells you what’s right or wrong for your child should not be ignored. If for example, there’s a care center that everyone loves and swears by but you just can’t get it past your gut feeling then don’t take your child there. If something doesn't feel right about a place, investigate further or try other options till you are sure without a doubt that it’s the best place for your child.

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